TLC Pediatrics of Frisco


TLC Pediatrics of Frisco can assist you with a variety of services for your child. The list below is not all inclusive but gives an idea of our committment to helping our families with all their childs healthcare needs.


Our physicians follow AAP guidelines for vaccines. Unfortunately we cannot accept responsibility for the care of patients who are declining to vaccinate. You can view the current CDC recommended vaccine schedule at 

To best serve our families, we strive to stock as many required and optional vaccines. We stock annual flu vaccines, Covid vaccine, RSV vaccine, and Meningococcal B vaccine.

Well Child Visits:

We can schedule up to a year in advance to ensure your child stays up to date, healthy, and ready for any Sports or Camp participation forms that need to be completed.

Mental Health Visits:

ADHD/ADD Evaluation and management

Anxiety and/or depression management

School and Camp Forms:

We receive many requests to complete school forms, camp forms and immunization records. In order to meet all these requests and complete the information accurately, we require 48 hours advance notice. There is a $10 charge for forms completed outside of a well child exam. This is a per-occurance charge not a per form charge. 

Acute injury Visits:

Injury care including concussion evaluations, minor laceration repairs, staple/sutcher removals, and more.

Well Child Vaccine Schedule


2 Weeks PKU, Optional supplemental screen
2 Months Pediarix, HIB, Prevnar, RotaRix
4 Months Pediarix, HIB, Prevnar, RotaRix
6 Months Pediarix, HIB, Prevnar
12 Months* MMR, Varivax, PPD, HEP A
15 Months DTaP, HIB, Prevnar
18 Months Hep A, Hemoglobin (done once per year as long as normal)
24 Months PPD + Hemoglobin, vision  (done once per year as long as normal)
30 Months PPD + Hemoglobin, vision  (done once per year as long as normal)
3 Years PPD, hearing, vision
4 Years* Kinrix, MMR, Varivax, hearing, vision,
5 Years Cholesterol (if high risk), hearing, vision, PPD
6 Years Vision, hearing, PPD
9 Years HPV (3 dose series)  
10 Years Tdap, CBC, cholesterol  
11 Years Meningococcal  
16 Years Meningococcal  

*12 month and 4 year well visits must be on or after birthday *


Description of Immunizations / Tests

CBC Complete blood count
DTaP/Tdap Diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis vaccine
Hep A Hepatitis A vaccine
Hep B Hepatitis B vaccine
HIB Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine
IPV Inactivated polio vaccine
Kinrix Vaccine consisting of DTaP & IPV
MMR Measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine
Pediarix Vaccine consisting of DTaP, Hep B, IPV
PKU Newborn Screen (test for 27 rare disorders)
PPD Questionnaire to assess TB risk, skin test if necessary
Prevnar Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine
Varivax Varicella (chicken pox) vaccine
RotaRix Rotavirus oral vaccine
HPV Human Papillomavirus vaccine (Gardisil or Cervarix)
Meningococcal Meningococcal vaccine (Menactra or Menveo)